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Rose loves helping people discover their talent and guide them towards a life filled with fun, purpose, love, and peace. With over twenty five years’ experience in all aspects of new business development, sales, event and project coordination, marketing, executive team building management, communication, and networking. Her extensive experience includes fundraising and event programming for non-profit and for profit organizations.

She has created, programmed, and implemented many fund raising, trade show, community, and career expo events. Rose is a contributing author to online media outlets such as Huffington Post & Women Network as well as the author of “I of a Tiger & Show Up-It will never let you down.”

Lake Tahoe Retreat and Passion Test Course

  • Lake Tahoe
  • Lake Tahoe
  • Lake Tahoe


Exclusively for California Women’s Conference Attendees

4 nights/5 days $1,200.00 Value

Relax and enjoy the comfort of a charming cabin décor home situated amongst natures lushness in the Meyers area of South Lake Tahoe. The home has 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, and can sleep 8 comfortably. You can also take advantage of the hiking and biking trails just steps away. Your personal retreat includes: 2 Passion Test course and books.

The Passion Test Course is a 2 session one-on-one process aimed at helping individuals give attention to and discover their passions, which in turn will become a path to living their destiny with clear vision and intention. Facilitated by Certified Passion Test Facilitator ~Rose Tafoya.
The Course can be redeemed any time before or after your Tahoe Retreat.
Please contact Rose Tafoya for scheduling and information.
Tahoe Retreat: Special Consideration/Restrictions: No Smoking/No Pets, Barbecues are only available from mid-April to mid-October, Holiday and other dates are based on availability. Valid through 11/15/2014.

Travel The World With Rose



December 3-8, 2014

Explore Costa Rica’s rainforests, volcanoes, waterfalls, mineral pools, spas, gourmet food, birds, animals & more

For more info download our brochure here

Travel with Passion and on Purpose with other Women Adventurers

iGlow Spirit & Passion

We all know our world is changing. Following your passions is no longer a luxury. Studies show those who achieve enduring success are all passionate about what they are doing. Yet, 4 out of 5 working Americans are unhappy, unfulfilled and unsatisfied. Only 20% of us are living a passionate life.

Imagine a life where you are motivated and inspired to choose in favor of your passions. Living your life where everything that you care about is happening right before your eyes. And, fast forwarding to your dreams can be a reality.

With The Passion Test™, you will discover those things that matter most to you. The Passion Test is a simple and profound process which helps you to gain clarity about your own personal passions and purpose. Discovering what makes your heart beat is the beginning of living a passionate purpose-filled life.


Passion Test Certified FacilitatorOnce you have taken
The Passion Test™ you will know

Your top 5 passions – There was a research study which found 100 of the most successful people in America had one thing in common. When they identified the top 5 things that were most important to them in their career, all of them had achieved them. Does it make sense that knowing your top 5 is the first step to living a successful, fulfilled life? That’s my experience and the experience of those who have taken The Passion Test.

Your Passion Score – How closely is your current life aligned with your passions? Your score indicates where you have been putting your attention after you score your top 5 passions.

Your Markers – How do you know when you are really living your passions? Your Markers are signposts that show you where you are in living your passions. They map the route. We show you how to create your markers.

Your Passion Pages – What is life like when you’re living your passions fully? To arrive at the destination, you have to know where it is. Your Passion Pages give you the answer.

7 Key Principles for Living a Passionate, Fulfilled Life

Email Rose today to schedule your complimentary 30 minute session!

Jack Canfield on the Passion Test “YouTube Video” Click here


Rose Celebrating

The first step to uncover your

potential is to SHOW UP

When you are aligned with your deepest, most important
passions, the ups and downs of daily life won’t be able to throw you off track.My promise to you is that we will spark your mind, body and spirit and begin to realize the unique gifts you have and live life the way have dreamed and wanted

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Rose Giving Lecture

Discovering Your Passions:

The Keys to YOUR Success

Are You Ready for More Success?
Do you want to know the secret that the Top 100 most successful people all have in common? According to the book, Success Built to Last, enduringly successful people have one thing in common.
They all make a HABIT of choosing in favor of their passions.

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You and your views matter

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    “I have been using the 7 step expansion process each and everyday. I now notice more readily when I am contracted and I now remember to do all 7 steps. Using the process is making a big difference in my life.”
    -CB, Maryland
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    Become A Passion Test Facilitator
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    Using The Passion Test to Discover Your Perfect Mate
    “What Would a Loving, Fulfilling Romantic Relationship Mean for Your Life?”
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    iGlow Phone Case $30
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    “Empowered Me to Create a Life I Love”
    “The Passion Test empowered me to create a life I love – one filled with the things that I have declared to be most important to me. The most powerful part – the insights and tools to recognize when I am not living that life AND how to turn that around – that’s PRICELESS!”
    Ratika Hansen – Market Development Manager, Intel Corporation

The Heart of CAbi

CAbi stands for Carol Anderson by Invitation and is the most sought after shopping experience and home-based career.

I am a CAbi Independent Fashion Consultant and am happy to show you the seasonal collections.
Its simple…

Invite friends over for a fun time filled with fashion, and enjoy a relaxing time and personalized service from your trained Consultant….that would be ME!

Being a Hostess of a CAbi Show gives you the opportunity to get beautiful clothes that you love….at half off and more! CAbi Clothing is beloved by women of many ages and lifestyles. Whether you need classic staples or freshen-up fashion pieces, you will be sure to get the highest quality and designer detailing. Email me at for more info and to book your CAbi show.

Capital Region Women Make a Difference

CRW Lisa Oz, Rose Tafoya, Michelle Bouchard

The Capital Region Women powered together to create a very unique Women’s Conference held at the Sacramento Convention Center on September 27, 2013. I was thrilled to be part of the team that brought this interactive health and wealth active and fun day to Sacramento, CA.  It was sponsored by HealthCorps and Comstock Magazine, along with many other wonderful sponsors and partners. Lisa Oz is brilliant and shared her thoughts on balance, growth, self care, and more. She has a new show called the Lisa Oz Show and she will continue to inspire others. Michelle Bouchard is the President of HealthCorps and she and Winnie Comstock-Carlson steer headed this wonderful conference. Their energy together is a force to be reckoned with, they are a dynamo team in everything they do and we are so blessed to have their talent and iGlowSpirit in our Sacramento Region. I took the stage with a panel of incredible women and contributed to the discussion on “ROI of Self Care and Wellness.” I highlighted how important it is to find clarity on what sparks you and are passionate about and begin to create a life aligned with your true purpose. I suggested identifying obstacles in your life, and shine a light on your career, relationships, balance, confidence, and live your authentic life. I believe that traveling and getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing different cultures is a time when you can be free to explore your heart, mind, and soul. We are better together when we travel together and it is my passion and purpose to gather women who want to travel and make a difference.  A Pura Vida Costa Rica Adventure is waiting just for YOU! Reserve your space and get ready to re-discover your passion and purpose.


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