Where Do You Live?

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April 11, 2017
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April 12, 2017

This simple question asked of me recently had me wondering… where do I live? My first thought was, where do I call home, which led me to a questionable response, “I’m not sure how to answer because home is many places for me right now.”

If I were asked that simple question a couple years ago, it would have been an easy answer, “I live where my daughter and partner are, home is where my heart is.” My daughter is on her own now and my partnership has been altered, so this question had me draw within to discover what the real answer is… today.


recent empty nest has brought sadness, confusion and freedom. I ask myself, where is my heart now? My heart will always be with my daughter, family and friends, but my heart has expanded and I am discovering a new life that can be lonely and also accelerating all at the same time. Everyday is a new adventure for me and that’s the mentality I start each day with. I pray for guidance, strength, support, and the ability to love everything and everyone. Some days my heart is so full and happy and some days… it’s challenged. One thing I know for sure, my heart is open and full of love and enjoy absorbing my new life, day by day. This is what I call home and where I currently live. What I don’t know for sure is where my heart will live tomorrow, but excited for the possibilities.

So now when asked the question, where do you live? I will respond by saying, “I live where my heart is, and right now I’m living here with you and tomorrow is another day.”

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