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April 10, 2017
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April 11, 2017

Years ago, following a suggestion from a best-selling author changed my life. I had been writing human interest stories for media and had a desire to write a non-fiction book, so I enrolled in Maui Writers Conference Retreat in Hawaii. All the non-fiction workshops were full, so I landed in a fiction-writing workshop with Elizabeth George. I felt very intimidated surrounded with so many talented fictional writers. I worked hard all week because Ms. George had high expectations of everyone, every day… it was a tough class, but I persevered.

After a week of

working on story outline, content, character building, etc., Ms. George finally asked me what other fictional stories I had completed. When I told her I was a non-fiction writer and signed up for this class because it was the only one available, she looked at me with such amazement, and said, “I did not know that, you kept up all week and produced good work. Rose, maybe you should consider writing more fiction.”

That simple sentence gave me the motivation to do just that. I began writing a fictional novel, I of a Tiger, and gave it so much attention that my marriage was challenged. My passion to write and not hold back my creativity and authenticity for something larger than myself was released. The attention I gave to the completion of my book may have been the catalyst to my divorce, but it also led me towards my true spirit and purpose. Since that turning point in my life, I don’t look back and am fulfilled with that same drive, love and spirit to share my stories, the importance of following my passions and contributing positive energy with people and businesses for personal and world growth.

Passion touches the mind, body and spirit and some of the most fulfilled and successful people in my life are those who manage to structure their careers and activities around their gifts and passions. By doing so, they have attracted ideas, resources, people and finances that are needed to create the lives of their dreams.

Knowing we can become overwhelmed at times with bills, responsibilities, relationships, school, work or simply time, makes it even more important to discover your passions, what you really like, and the gifts and talents only YOU can offer the world. Don’t we all just want to be happy, filled with love, joy and purpose? If you answered yes, it’s time to get started! It is your time to live the life you want and deserve.

Following my passions is how I live my life, but there were times that life challenges interfered, and led me towards activities that did not give me pleasure. After my daughter went off to college, it was time to reevaluate where I wanted to spend my energy and free time. The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose, by Janet and Chris Attwood, gave me clarity to what my top five passions are and what is important to me. One of my top passions is to speak, write and share the knowledge I have and inspire others to be all they can be. The simple test opened my mind and heart and I am truly living the life that gives me purpose and happiness.

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