April 11, 2017

Back to School, Pull the Weeds

This is the season where ‘back to school’ signs can be seen everywhere, reminding us that it is time to prepare. Parents are out searching for just the right school supplies, clothes, back packs, stocking lunch and snack items and scheduling carpools. These days and rituals become a big part of our lives as we provide and take care of our children’s needs and growth. My daughter is going back to her third year of college and that back to school sign has a whole new meaning for me. It is my time to go back to school. It seemed just like yesterday, but it was 21 years ago when
April 11, 2017

Are You Living With Passion and Brilliance?

Years ago, following a suggestion from a best-selling author changed my life. I had been writing human interest stories for media and had a desire to write a non-fiction book, so I enrolled in Maui Writers Conference Retreat in Hawaii. All the non-fiction workshops were full, so I landed in a fiction-writing workshop with Elizabeth George. I felt very intimidated surrounded with so many talented fictional writers. I worked hard all week because Ms. George had high expectations of everyone, every day… it was a tough class, but I persevered. After a week of
April 10, 2017

What The Tech Is Going On? are so many technical experts and topics about how to get social and digital exposure for your business, project, or brand. Where do you begin and who do you listen to? We all learn differently and process information at our own pace. In my experience, I learn best from someone who can visually outline the flow by using words that resonate with me. I guess you could say I am a visual learner who has a love affair with words. When searching for that person or group who know more about the social media world than me, I seek those that I can relate with. will host many styles of information and expertise from various people that have similar skills and talent. You will have the opportunity to connect with them, get support, knowledge,and assistance with whatever you […]
March 21, 2017

Women Network

Remember the first time you were asked that question? It’s a common question we ask children, as if they know at a young age…some do! When my daughter graduated from pre-school and marched to the front stage to receive her diploma, they asked her, what do you want be when you grow up?