September 12, 2017

Entrepreneur Movement

Entrepreneur Institute Fast Forward 2017 in London. Global Entrepreneurs and Leaders Connecting and Collaborating for the good of all. I am joining the Entrepreneur Movement and launching geniusETC- Genius Entrepreneur Travel Connection ~ A unique Travel on Purpose business that promotes connection, collaboration, education, leadership, travel experiences and making a difference in our world. I have been appointed the Entrepreneur Social City Leader in Lake Tahoe.  
April 10, 2017

What The Tech Is Going On? are so many technical experts and topics about how to get social and digital exposure for your business, project, or brand. Where do you begin and who do you listen to? We all learn differently and process information at our own pace. In my experience, I learn best from someone who can visually outline the flow by using words that resonate with me. I guess you could say I am a visual learner who has a love affair with words. When searching for that person or group who know more about the social media world than me, I seek those that I can relate with. will host many styles of information and expertise from various people that have similar skills and talent. You will have the opportunity to connect with them, get support, knowledge,and assistance with whatever you […]