April 13, 2017

Michael Franti and mom ‘Do It For Love’

“We give them roots so they have wings to fly.” – Carole Franti This is one of the most profound statements from Carol Franti, the mother of Michael Franti, Rebecca, Matt, Sara and Dan. She offers other words to describe her tallest son. “As a young boy, he was always doing something,” she said. “He has lots of moxie. He is daring, creative and is innovative with purpose.” For me, one
April 13, 2017

Heart and soul music with Michael Franti

What does Tahoe do on a Wednesday night? its gathers in the Crown Room at Crystal Bay Casino to sing and dance to a high-energy performance from Michael Franti, J Bowman, Carl Young and Ethan Tucker. The Nov. 12 sold-out One Heart One Soul Acoustic show raised everyone to a new level of consciousness and connection. Tucker, who made his way on tour
April 12, 2017

What The Tech Is Going On? are so many technical experts and topics about how to get social and digital exposure for your business, project, or brand. Where do you begin and who do you listen to? We all learn differently and process information at our own pace. In my experience, I learn best from someone who can visually outline the flow by using words that resonate with me. I guess you